IVIBED Checkerboard EDM Festival Rave Jersey – Baseball Checker T-Shirt Hidden Pockets


?? BE SAFE ?? GET WEIRD ?? GO HARD ?? WELCOME TO THE iViBED FAMILY ?? SMALL 5’4-5’7 130-150lbs BEST FITS MEN OR WOMEN IN THIS SIZE RANGE – PRODUCT HAS HIDDEN POCKETS closure Checkerboard Rave Jersey EDM Festival ?C Clothing. Perfect for electronic music festivals. This checker t-shirt button up with front pocket and hidden pocket tags. Super high-end polyester fabric is light weight and dries very fast. + Neon Bracelet ?? Party Like A Rockstar Dress Like A Boss . Life to short to waste money on low quality apparel. We designed this jersey to be the highest quality baseball style t-shirt you have ever worn Hidden Pocket Tags ?C This product has our signature speak easy style secret pocket tags. Look at the IVIBED clothing tag. It??s a 1.5×1.5 inch secret pocket. Perfect for holding small amounts of money when you your outfit doesn??t have real pockets. ?? THIS ORDER INCLUDES. ?? 1x Black Hooded Sweatshirt with Hidden Pocket Tags , 1x Neon iVibed Bracelet. Check out the iViBED Tag. We turned your standard tag into a 1.5×1.5?? Secret Pocket ?? 100% Money Back Guarantee. We love making you smile. Please leave us feedback. It means the world to us. We love giving back and making the world a better place. Search iViBED to see over 100?? edm inspired iViBED outfits currently on amazon.


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